What is Dirty Faces Camping???

If you have kids and you have taken them camping, you have undoubtedly noticed that their faces are almost always dirty.  Generally the dirt is hidden behind a smile, but dirty none the less.  Here at Dirty Faces Camping we strive to keep that dirt ridden smile on your kids faces by offering nothing but kids and junior sized camping gear. 


We know kids have different needs than adults when camping and want to do all we can to ensure those needs are met.  Whether it is a smaller sized sleeping bag or backpack, or a chair fit for a kid, we want to be able to carry it.  If you need something and you don’t see it on our site, email us and we will do our best to find it for you.


Kids also tend to grow out of their gear rather quick.  So instead of having to trash the gear, we also offer a place to sell and trade it in.  Or if you are looking to get something cheaper than retail, the used gear section will always have great deals on gear with plenty of mileage left in it.


If you need anything, let us know, our main goal is to make sure your kids have fun in the outdoors, whether it is camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing or even a picnic at the park. 


Now get outside!


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